How to build a better user experience with data privacy

Aug 13, 2020 · 1 min read

David Mattia, Minh Nguyen, and I presented “How to build a better user experience with data privacy” at the Technovation World Summit 2020.

It was a pleasure to speak to the talented young folks involved in this program, and to cover the topic of technology at a Women in Tech event. We hope the participants also enjoyed the experience!

It was especially exciting to learn that the content from our presentation will be incorporated into the future Technovation curriculum! Raccoon gifs really can get you anywhere in life.

A recording of our presentation is available on YouTube.

Workshop with Transcend about User Privacy

2:20 PM UTC / 7:20 AM PDT

Who it’s for: Everyone! (may be of special interest to those building apps and companies)

What you’ll do & learn: Do you want to build a world-changing start-up? Then it’s time to start thinking about how you’ll keep your users’ data safe. In this hands-on workshop with Transcend, you’ll learn how to consider your users’ privacy as you build your business and keep it – and them –safe.

Cover photo by Technovation.

This post was originally published on Technovation World Summit 2020.