best of craigslist > relationships > platonic

★ Woman seeks mate

Jun 07, 2017 · 1 min read · by Hannah Henderson

best of craigslist > relationships > platonic

Originally Posted: 2017–06–04 3:32pm apply to job

★ Woman seeks mate

(“Mate” as-in fellow worker or joint occupant of a thing. You animal.)

I am: Quite fetching. Budding software engineer with previous management experience. Dry sense of humor. Unusually heightened affinity for JIRA. Part of a highly accomplished team (someone has to bring down the average). Self-deprecating. Addicted to Google.

Seeking: Coworker and senior frontend engineer. You will shepherd our technical direction, and directly influence my day-to-day work and professional growth. Would prefer amicable relationship. I promise never to ask: Will you be my mentor?

You are: Like-minded individual (external diversity applauded). Passionate about programming. Drama-averse. Opinionated. Comfortable explaining difficult architectural concepts in basic terms. Excited to get a little Clojure at CircleCI. Preference given to individuals with enticing LISP experience.

Bonus points if you enjoy long walks on the Embarcadero and stunning office views.

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Hannah is a software engineer at CircleCI. This posting is in no way approved or sanctioned by CircleCI.

The job posts are real.

Cover photo by Hannah, of actual view, as captured on a phone.

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