Hi. I’m Hannah. I’m a senior engineering manager, public speaker, sometimes-writer and engineer. I am based in the San Francisco Bay Area and work with an amazing, 100% remote team. I enjoy long clojure.walks and am a depressingly inflexible yogi.

I recently boomeranged to CircleCI where I currently work with four teams in our Product Experiences space supporting large customers. Previously, I supported several engineering efficiency-focused teams in our Platform space. In my last CircleCI stint, I managed the team that launched orbs and CircleCI’s circuit breaker, autoscaler, Windows offering, and GPU offerings.

I know a lot about managing remote teams, managing expectations, continuous integration and delivery, and developer tools. I have an irredeemably cheesy sense of humor 🧀


I am always interested in speaking opportunities and look forward to connecting.

You can reach me on Twitter (which I check frequently) or LinkedIn (which I do not).

A bit more

Before CircleCI, I spent a meandering decade in software-adjacent roles. As a mechanical engineer, I dabbled in supporting satellite and rocket design at Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company, and later settled into skyscraper construction and operations at SL Green (NYC’s largest commercial landlord).

I worked on several special project teams (Hurricane Sandy cleanup, speech writing, major building underwrites, M&A research), supported a painful array of heritage Microsoft Access databases, and ultimately PM’d the Technology Group. From there, I went on to attend coding bootcamp.

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My own artwork is equally striking, though arguably less visually compelling.


Hannah Henderson